Body Builders vs Power Lifters

If you want to become a body builder, you have to start believing in yourself, you have to start thinking like a body builder and have to be disciplined. If you have no fat, in other words, you’re very skinny and want to gain serious mass, you want to start with eating lots of food everyday. I don’t mean junk food but healthy food, I will talk about which food is good for which type of person later. Your calorie intake needs to be more than the calorie you use. That unused calorie will sit in your body and eventually become fat, your body will automatically use that fat as a new source for energy when needed, for example building muscle. When starting weight lifting, always start with low weights for at least a week. You have to work on your form, because If your form is perfect, you won’t get any injuries in the long run. You can tear a ligament, tendon, muscle, break a bone etc, so the form has to be perfected before you can start to lift higher amounts of weight. When I train friends or family, I have them start on 15 lbs max and as the month passes, they reach up to 20lbs, that’s only if their form is good. For beginners, I suggest not doing fast reps since your form might be a little off and you need to focus, so slightly decreasing the the speed of each rep and gently focusing on the weight and your joints to get a clean rep. For people that are skinny, you are looking at doing 8-10 reps max on a certain weight, if you can do more reps on a weight, then you need to increase your weight. The purpose of this type of training is that you don’t burn fat, you’re mainly focusing on tearing up your muscle fibers as deep as you can and only muscle fibers. I will tell you which foods one should eat to gain mass, but for now, remember to keep the reps in the minimum range.

Now, for the people that have a lot of mass and want to loose weight as soon as possible by weight lifting and make muscle. First of all, it’s not easy. You have to be committed, you have to be disciplined and you MUST be patient and very optimistic. It requires a lot of support from family and friends in order to stay persistent. The only way you will get to the goal you want is by remembering your goal 24/7, never sleeping on it and understanding why you want to achieve it. To start, I suggest doing a circuit as soon as you get to the gym. A circuit is doing 2-4 sets of each muscle exercise 15-20 reps. You will get up from one equipment to the next after 5 minutes, don’t wast time! The purpose of doing a lot of reps is to burn as much fat your body possibly can, while still trying to tear muscle fibers. It’s easier to make muscle, than loose fat around the muscle, so you have to work harder than most people that are only building muscle and trying to gain weight.

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