What is a diet?

Dieting is the first word that comes to one’s mind when thinking about loosing weight. Understand that there are two type of dieters out there, one that are ignorant of what a diet actually is, while others that are very intelligent about what goes in their stomachs. You see a diet is when one’s retstrcit themselves from eating something like milk, rice, bread etc. You can still eat a lot of food while on a diet, you just have to be careful what exactly you’re going to eat. Ignorant dieters try to restrict every food group and they try to only eat a short amount of food in the day which isn’t healthy. Your body can’t produce essential amino acids on its own, it has to get them from some place, but you’re restricting the production, in the long run putting your body in danger. The best way to diet is to understand your body, know which food groups you need to focus on and know exactly how much calories your body needs for basal metabolic rate. BMR calculates the amount of calories one needs throughout the day based on their height, weight and age. Once you have figured out your BMR, you could start dieting. You could figure out how much calories you need throughout the day and start restricting yourself from 100 calories a day and eventually you will meet your goal by dieting the proper way. You will have to eat 5-7 meals per day but they have to be small, you could eat a big breakfast, eat a snack, get a good lunch, eat a snack again, get a small portion of dinner and then small nutritious snack to end the day. This plan is laid out in a course of one day, so don’t eat everything just at once! The point of eating small but a lot of times throughout the day is to keep you metabolism on its toes. The more your metabolism has to work, the faster it will learn to metabolize your food quicker. Once your metabolism increases it’s response, you’re no longer a victim of slow metabolism, but trust me, it takes time for that to build up and you have to be consistent and persistent.

I have laid out a picture of different food groups, I will elaborate more on which to focus on for which type of people.


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