The secret to burning more calories!

This blog isn’t for people trying to gain mass, this one is for people that are simply trying to cut fat and produce lean muscle! In order for you to cut fat, you must understand the formula. If calorie intake equals the amount of Basal Metabolic Rate calorie amount, then you are not burning any fat and are desperately relaying on just exercising to loose fat. The truth of burning fat is to burn all the calories you’ve consumed for the day and more. That “more” part is where science comes in. You see when the body doesn’t have enough calories (glucose) to supply the body with energy, its going to try to burn the stored energy (fat) and convert it into energy (glucose). Vice versa, if you did not burn the calories for the day then guess what? Those calories are stored into fat, as a form for your body to use it later. Our bodies always store fat because it thinks we will starve it later when winter comes, just like the stone age times, but now we have food in front of us and we are never starving ourself, when will we ever use that left over energy (fat)? Only at the gym. It’s crucial for one to burn the calories one has consumed for a day or else the fat will add up overtime.

Now the part on how to burn calories quickly as the gym, well its simple. The more muscle groups you use at once, the more calories you will burn. You will see people sweat more during bench pressing, dead lifting and even squatting. That is because these excercises are compound exercises, they require the body to use 2, 3 or even 4 muscle groups at once! It is better to use more muscles at once, rather than isolating just one muscle group because now your body isn’t working that hard. Always remember to perform compound exercises, they’re the most beneficial ones at the gym. Also while doing any other exercise, remember to tighten your core, it helps you contract your muscles in your core, resulting in abs over time.


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