Secret to a Six PAC

As we all know, the hardest part of body building is the appearance of six pac, its practically impossible for most of us. The problem is, there is too much fat hiding our ab muscles and we don’t know how to burn it efficiently in our desired time. Well today I will teach you how you can attain 6 pacs in just one month. There is no secret to it, you’re just living in a different way for a month. I challenge you to try this diet for a month and be amazed with the results.

For the first week, you need to go cold turkey on carbohydrates, this means don’t go near bread or any poultry items. This method works, because since your body doesn’t metabolize carbs the proper way it should, it needs to be striped from carbs  and be reintroduced to the body after a week. So, we need to reset our carb intake and introduce it again to the body the following week. That first week, you will feel energy less, you will want to through up, you would want to eat every single second and that’s okay but make sure you’re eating fruits, vegetable and lean meats thats baked or grilled, nothing fried. Your body at this point of time will be going through ketosis which is when your body stops relying on carbohydrates as an energy source and starts to convert the fat from the liver in the form of ketones which are energy molecules used by the blood as a substitution for glucose. Once you’re done with your first week, one can introduce carbohydrates to their body and their body will properly metabolize it, quicker and more efficiently. A good tip, anytime you’re preparing a meal, you should always add protein with it, reason why is because with protein, your body digests food better and metabolizes it fast. Nonetheless, the following weeks, one should still avoid poultry items such as milk, cheese etc because it’s rich in fats, you need to eat a low carb diet because if one doesn’t slowly introduce the “new” food to the body then your body could react to it as a form of negative feedback, be careful. As time passes, your metabolism has quicken it’s role in the process of metabolizing a carbs. In the long run, you can enjoy more foods with less of it being stored as fat.


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