How can exercising benefit you for your future?

“One doctor who focuses on prevention of disease is worth ten doctors that focus just on treatment of disease.”

This blog is short and straight forward, if you read it throughly, you will gain lots of knowledge from it and also don’t forget to share this knowledge with you colleges, friends and family. Most people overlook at the importance of regular exercising, they either don’t know the benefits, or they lack the will power to make a change in their lives. Well I am going to ask a question first and then encourage you why you should value the importance of exercising.

Many of us always make an excuse, for examples; I don’t have transportation to go to the gym, well then walk. Some say they don’t have time, well how long did you watch TV today? Did you gain something out of it for the long run? Some might even say, I don’t know where to start, well read my previous posts. Others say I don’t understand the purpose for exercising and that’s the biggest question I will answer in this blog.

Would you like to live longer?

Fact: Every minute of exercise can lengthen your life expectancy by 7 minutes. If you spend money on a physical trainer, don’t be discouraged to do so because for every money spent into exercising, you’re gaining something back, a longer life. For every dollar you’ve invested into exercising, you’re gaining back in the longer run, doesn’t that sound good? I encourage at least 2.5-5hrs a week for beginners to exercise, that’s if you’re normal weight. If you’re obese, you need at least one hour daily with high intensity. Which brings me to my next question.

Would you like to become obese and get a risk of getting diabetes?

If you have type 1 diabetes, you should not do high intensity exercising only if your body is high in ketones in your blood and urine. Type 1 diabetes causes your body to have high blood sugar and if so, your body may produce a good amount of ketones which is like described in my other blog, “another sugar like energy source for the body that is converted by the liver from the fat”. It could be very lethal for one with diabetes to do strenuous workouts because it could cause them to have high sugar and also high ketones level, resulting in sickness.

Exercising can limit your body from getting most of diseases such as various cancers and cardiovascular disease. Other medical conditions include; high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and even infertility.

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