Nutrition and Fitness In Ramadan

During Ramadan, you’re body lacks in carbohydrates and essential nutrients to feed the cells and maintain your metabolism, but it does have healthy benefits for example stops the growth of cancer cells etc. Your body during ramadan is going through a process that a ship goes through when it’s sinking. When a ship is sinking, the sailors and the crew members start to throw off the things that they don’t need in the ship to lessen the weight. Well your body is going to be doing the same during Ramadan, it is going to throw away your muscle. Your body is constantly manufacturing glucose from fat or protein if necessary through a process called gluconeogenesis. During this process, no one can halt it, we all have to live with it.

In order to maintain our muscles during Ramadan, we have to break our muscle fibers more while not loosing most of the fat around it. The best way to accomplish this goal is by lifting higher weights that you can only do in a rep range of 5-6. During your rest period, you should intake as much protein you can get, maybe the amount you weigh and also drink at least 2.5 liters of water during the night. When breaking the fast, you must not eat lots of carbohydrates because your body will have high blood glucose level, your body will produce lots of insulin, so your cells will be constantly exposed to high levels of insulin as a result of a persistent intake of glucose. The problem is our cells will adapt to this by reducing the number of receptors on their surfaces to respond to insulin, causing insulin resistance, in other words you will get type 2 diabetes. So refrain yourself from eating a lot of carbohydrates. Eat lean meats, get protein and the bulk of the diet should be fats!

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